Summer Survival Tip#1

So summer is officially here and it feels so good to see the sun shining and enjoy relaxing summer days.  However, if you are a work from home Mom it also means that your children are home from school and you now need to do some negotiating and rearranging a bit to get your work done […]

It doesn’t ALL have to be Virtual

Yes you heard me correctly, me, The Golden Rule VIRTUAL Assistant, is tell you that it does NOT all have to be done virtually. What?!? Let me explain…here is a problem I’ve seen many Superstars struggle with (myself included) that feeling of there must be an app, tool, program, online something or another to help […]

Simple Superstar Tip of Month! {US Mail}

Fall is coming!  And with that a lot of you are getting new catalogs.  If you mail out your own catalogs, or do any other large mailings here’s my Simple Superstar Tip of the Month… Before you bring your mailing to the post office do two things: Bring a sample of the mailing and have […]

The Benefits and Side-Effects of Delegation

The Warning Label Last week we talked about the symptoms of “Wouda, Coulda, Shoulda” now let’s review the Warning Label including the benefits and potential side-effects of Delegation (don’t worry, these side-effects are all positive ones!). Reduces Guilt As a leader, you have a team looking to you for guidance, support, training and motivation, but […]

Are you Suffering from Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda?

I’ve seen it happen time and time again, to even the very best of Superstars…you have great intentions of providing your team, prospects and customers with recognition, appreciation, training, information, specials, incentives and more. But… You get busy, you’re pulled into several different directions, and each distraction becomes more pressing than your well intended plans, so they are never able to come […]

My Secret Tool for Contact Management

Do you have a bunch of business cards, order forms, fish bowl slips or other piles of contacts cluttering your desk?  Does it make your stomach hurt to look at it, thinking about the potential business just sitting there gathering dust?  Want to know my “Secret Tool” to turn those piles into smiles? Are you […]