How to Cash In on Your Inner Critic

My superstar clients constantly amaze and inspire me. A shining example of this is Andrea Patten’s latest course From Inner Critic to Inner Ally.

When you work alone from home like we do, it’s easy to give more weight to the insidious little voice in your head, whispering things like:

  • “you’ll never succeed at this”
  • ”’you’re not good enough”
  • “no one will pay you what you’re worth”
  • “who are you kidding – you don’t have what it takes to do this”
  • “you have to do everything yourself and because that’s impossible, you’re going to fail”

Andrea has put together a course which is deceptively simple and pays dividends immediately. I think this testimonial from an email Andrea just sent me gives you a glimpse of how powerful the course is:

“Although I was skeptical at first, because most self-help books and courses let me down, I have to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised by From Inner Critic to Inner Ally. It beats the pants off of anything else I’ve ever done. One technique in particular I adopted allows me to instantly call upon my new Inner Ally. And that little guy has already earned his keep. Before taking the course, I was approached by a client about a piece of business. I knew they had $2,500 they could spare for it. At that fee, I’d be taking a big loss on the business. I didn’t want to jeopardize our long term relationship nor did I want to feel bad about accepting a too low fee. So the other day, armed with my new inner ally, I sent a proposal to the client with a $6,000 fee for that piece of business. They agreed the price is reasonable and are looking for the money in their budget. My Inner Ally got me $3,500 I wouldn’t have had otherwise. He’s turning out to be quite the little business partner!“ 

~ Annie Bartlett, Consultant, USA


Pretty cool, right? And it gets better….

As I was working on the course with Andrea, I naturally got to see the materials. And I learned some cool stuff, so I felt I benefited from the course. I also thought that my life was pretty darned good. Until one day it wasn’t.  And I mean it wasn’t in a big way.  Andrea urged me to ACTUALLY TAKE the course, and I did. I have just one thing to say….


I was able to identify my inner critic (one I didn’t know I had), put her on mute, and teach her how to play nice! The joy and freedom I’ve experienced as a result is simply indescribable.

I have another confession. Where most people read novels, I read personal development books. I’ve pretty much read everything out there.  Honestly, I’ve never lacked for creating a vision and dreams, and setting goals.  I was thinking that was enough, but boy did I find out differently! The difference between everything else I’ve read and this is that From Inner Critic to Inner Ally gets to the ROOT of the problem. Everything else just shows you how to cover it up. But covering it up, didn’t really CHANGE anything for me.

By the time I’d finished the course, it was like a key falling in place in a lock. Things just clicked. Not only was I way calmer, but I have the energy that comes from releasing a big energy drainer in my life. Wah-hooooo!

I’m so excited about this I wanted all of my friends, clients and everyone I know to have access to this course. I asked Andrea if she’d let me offer you the course.  She said “Yes!” but only on one condition – that she be allowed to share some of the profits with me so I could plough them back into my business.  You see, Andrea – superstar that she is – has a policy of giving back. And remember – I’ve taken the course and personally recommend it, so my reputation is at stake here (and there’s NO amount of money that could make me damage that!)

To make the offer even sweeter, Andrea and I agreed to a price that’s more than 50% off.

Now, you know me –  I’m not one to promote others’ products like this, and I wouldn’t promote this one except that I know many of you solopreneurs have a trash-talking inner  critic. And since the little beggar won’t be ignored, it’s wise to learn how to deal with him.

So if you’d like to learn how to finally really deal with that downer of an inner critic that’s keeping you trapped, then click on over to From Inner Critic to Inner Ally NOW!

P.S. I should mention that I don’t really know how long I can ask Andrea to hold the >50% off price for you. So do yourself a BIG favor and click on over to From Inner Critic to Inner Ally before you get sidetracked!

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